Is Celibacy Really Costly?

In the Christian tradition of both the ancient world and today, the cost of celibacy is not adopting the meaning that secular society either determined for you or told you to determine for yourself. We can maybe even go so far as to say that, at least in these two cultures, celibacy necessitates sacrificing what society thinks it means to be human—an expensive undertaking, for sure.

Favorite Songs of 2020

A list of seven songs I liked this year, in order by artist Jason Isbell and the 400 Unit "It Gets Easier" “It gets easier, but it never gets easy.” For addicts struggling to persevere in sobriety or people just trying, failing, and trying again to stay disciplined, this line is many things all … Continue reading Favorite Songs of 2020

Chatt: Now that voting is over, the real work begins

To my fellow Chattanooga voters who, like me, stood in line, filled out a ballot, and snapped selfies with our “I Voted” stickers, The Electoral College convenes today, casting each state’s electoral votes for the President and Vice President. So now that the voting is over, it’s time for us to get to work. It's … Continue reading Chatt: Now that voting is over, the real work begins

Quarantine, Sabbath, and Still Souls

Often, I view the Sabbath as free time—a day with no work where I can do whatever I want. Yet, even at the end of days I haven’t worked, my soul still feels tired. Simply not working doesn’t bring me rest, which makes me think: maybe the Sabbath is not so much free time as it is freeing time—a day to remember the freedom we have from the cares of the world. A day for the soul to be reoriented toward its eschatelogical purpose.

His Story is My Story

Chances are you’ll reach a tipping point sometime during your life. You’ll reach the end of your rope and realize brokenness festers in the dark, but restoration happens in the light. If that’s already happened to you, then you’re not alone. It happened to me too, but amidst all the tumultuous self-discovery I’ve found it to be strangely healing and life-giving.