Always Growing Up is a collection of essays documenting the endless cycles of learning and curiosity. Like travelers sending letters home, we chronicle the journey of growing up, something we think we’ll always be doing. And like traveling, the stories we tell are at turns playful and sober.

It’s not that we never grow up; it’s that we’re always learning how to. As young adults coming-of-age in a time of dogmatic polarization, we were surprised to find the adult life more ambiguous than everyone’s (apparent) ideological certainty suggests. Instead, we’ve found decision-making to often be between competing priorities, rather than black and white alternatives. And we want our writing to match that complexity: Beginning with the assumption that we’ve got a lot to learn, we openly work through the ideas we have about the world in which we find ourselves.

Finally, we know the world outside isn’t the only world that needs exploring. In our writing, we want to surface not just objective research but subjective color, how our upbringings shape the ways we love, think, and act. We write this way understanding that as we grow in wisdom and self-awareness, our views could change. The word “essay” means “to try,” and, as we’re always growing up, we want to try out our ideas here.

Travis Hutchinson

1BB42A5C-6B57-4139-A94B-3DF530E41C93Travis is originally from Charlotte, NC but currently calls St. Louis, MO home. After spending a few years in the corporate world, he decided to change gears and enroll at Covenant Seminary where he’s currently pursuing a Master of Divinity. Travis enjoys coffee, reading, and long car rides by himself. He is also an amateur crossword-puzzle designer and avid St. Louis Cardinals fan.

Jonathan Moore

IMG_1668Jonathan is a mid-twenties-year-old from the Southeastern United States. Raised on a steady diet of Disney adventure stories, he once identified himself as Peter Pan when dropped off at a church nursery. These days, though, he’s more concerned with how, not whether, to grow up. Undergrad English degree in hand, he’s expanded his taste for art, ideas, and stories, without losing his first loves along the way to adulthood.